• 9,80 €

      Bakker Made with Love has created a tableware for children in Melamine...   Menu is Exoticism and Colours with 4 such delicious patterns ! The Red Leaves Plate is also a plate for starter or Picnic...   And you know,  it's not only children who are Fan of Bakker Made with Love !

    Bakker Made with Love
    9,80 €
  • 65,00 €

    For Children, Ferm-Living has created these beautiful lights with a so sweet design. My Deer Lamp is Rose painted plywood , with a transparent power cable and switch. Kids will love these lamps on the wall! Ferm Living... We Love!

    Ferm Living
    65,00 €
  • 78,00 €

    The Mermaid pendulum Clock by modern Moose is So Beautiful!   A Mermaid with its Small Octopus pendulum that swings ... again and again ... A 3D Wall Clock with Pretty Colors, Smiling Characters, and Cute Patterns A wonderful wall decoration, cheerful... and useful ! The kids will love!

    Modern Moose
    78,00 €
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