Pince-Moi Tea Towel HolderPince-Moi Tea Towel Holder
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  • "Pince-Moi" Porte Torchon Tout Simplement
  • "Pince-Moi" Porte Torchon Tout Simplement

Pince-Moi Tea Towel Holder

Tout Simplement


And now here 's our New TeaTowel Holder !


A Tea Towel holder you fix where you want in the Kitchen ! 


A TeaTowel Tout Simplement... Very practical and very Useful... 


Tout Simplement ? It's just small Creations with Simple Design that make Happy Home !

They are signed by Designer Philippe Ferreux... Small creations we Love !

6,60 € incl. tax

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  • Material : Wood with a magnetic in the ball
  • Dimensions : L : 6,5 cm
  • Designer : : Philippe Ferreux
  • Content : Sold individually
  • Other : Comes with a strong magnetic sticker so you can stick it where you want
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