Card 100% Birthday RaumgestaltCard 100% Birthday Raumgestalt
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  • Carte 100% Birthday
  • Carte 100% Birthday

Card 100% Birthday Raumgestalt


Ah ! We love this card ! Its message ? It's sewn on a fabric label, such as on clothing label ...


Except that here, it's just a message 100% Birthday ! 


We don't talk about precautions wash ! 


Only Love symbols and Sweet words !

Raumgestalt ? It's a German designer Jutta Rothe.  Jutta loves practicing diversion of material objects from its current use.


A very Sleek Design for very Charming and Poetic creations...


6,30 € incl. tax

  • Material : Card : Nice White Paper and envelope White transparent paper
  • Dimensions : L 20,7 cm x larg 8,5 cm
  • Designer : : Raumgestalt
  • Content : A card you unfold to write inside, with its envelope
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