Mobile Cranes DanceMobile Cranes Dance
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  • Mobile Cranes Dance
  • Mobile Cranes Dance

Mobile Cranes Dance

Flensted Mobile

Look ! There're Cranes !  Mobile is a Decorative Object which delights us !


3 Cranes Dancing... And with the talent of Flensted, the Mobile items are always on the move ...


For thousand years, Crane has been regarded as a sacred Bird, a symbol of Happiness and Long Life...

Flensted Mobiles? It is a Danish and founded by Christian Flensted.


Their philosophy : If you are concerned about something, so… Look at a Mobile and Dream !

19,95 € incl. tax

  • Other : Hanging by almost invisible string, elements of the mobile is moving while the structure provides balance and harmony
  • Content : Made in Denmark and hand assembled
  • Colour : Dominante : Tons de Blancs
  • Designer : : Flensted
  • Dimensions : H 45 cm x L 45 cm
  • Material : Ultra solid Cardboard
  • Direction for use : Comes in an envelope, very easy to install .
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