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The design of our free-standing display cases is a perfect blend of modern and timeless aesthetics. With clean lines and exquisite finishes, our display cases add a touch of sophistication to your interior design, creating a captivating focal point in your living space.

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  • 355,00 €

    Create a visual attraction with lots of personality in your home. With Glass from House Doctor, you get a cabinet that is made of glass and brass. The cabinet has a glass door and 2 shelves. Use the cabinet for all of your favourite personal trinkets that you want to showcase as part of your home décor. The cabinet can be used in pretty much every room in...

    house doctor
    355,00 €
  • 313,00 €

    Create a personal look with Glass from House Doctor. The wall cabinet is made of glass and steel with two shelves. Use it to showcase your most treasured trinkets and other small decorative items. You can use this cabinet in pretty much every room in the home. It is all about putting it in a room where you feel like you will get the most of it. In your...

    house doctor
    313,00 €
  • 219,00 €

    This beautiful display cabinet is perfect for heirlooms, to store jewellery or knick-knacks. Use the elegant glass case from House Doctor in the windowsill, the rays of the sun will light up the glass of your mini exhibition. You can also place the glass case on a small table or on the bookshelves as a decorative item.

    house doctor
    219,00 €
  • 220,00 €

    This glass case from House Doctor is the perfect storage solution for jewellery, old heirlooms or knick-knacks. The small glass cabinet provides your home décor with an extra touch, no matter what you display in it. Place it in your living room or bedroom for an exclusive look.

    house doctor
    220,00 €
  • 1 878,00 €

    With the right cabinet, you can create more storage room in a beautiful way. As the name suggests, the cabinet, Collect, from House Doctor can help you collect your items and present them in a decorative way. There is plenty of room for storing and displaying some of your favourite items. The simple, industrial look will look nice in many different types...

    house doctor
    1 878,00 €
  • 521,00 €

    Move your items up on the wall by use of the cabinet, Collect, from House Doctor. By adding hanging storage room, you fill the wall and have the opportunity to decorate the room in different levels behind the fine glass doors. Regardless of placement, the choice of material and design will add personality to the concerned room in a simple and beautiful...

    house doctor
    521,00 €
  • 885,00 €

    Lift your furniture from the floor and create air in the room without losing storage space. This is possible with the cabinet, Collect, from House Doctor. It can contain a lot without looking big and heavy due to its metal doors and thin legs. The simple and industrial design makes it perfect for rooms that need a simple and nice piece of furniture for...

    house doctor
    885,00 €
  • 864,00 €

    This cabinet from House Doctor gives you details for days. Thanks to the long pieces of rattan with a soft and neutral earth tone of Gro. The door opens up to two shelves with plenty of room for your belongings or even bottles, as the cabinet is ideal as a bar cabinet. As the cabinet is handmade, every piece of rattan and every angle is a testament to the...

    house doctor
    864,00 €
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