Candle Holder China Kiki SeraxCandle Holder China Kiki Serax
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  • Candle Holder China Kiki Serax
  • Grand Sac en papier Kiki
  • Grand Sac en papier Kiki

Candle Holder China Kiki Serax



And now, here is the China Candle Holder Kiki with its Matt China Porcelain crumpled like paper...


Kiki Candle holder is made with fine porcelain, so we see a transparent flame!


Kiki is also a small Design Vase... Hard to explain Kiki... It's just a Magic Decorative Creation !


Serax ? We Love !

With Serax we choose Creations full of Charm and Character with Simple Design and Beautiful materials... And to our delight, they Love Lights..

13,20 € incl. tax

  • Direction for use : Iluminates with large model candle dish heater
  • Material : China Porcelain
  • Dimensions : L 10 cm x larg 10 cm x H 8 cm
  • Designer : : Kiki for Serax
  • Colour : Matt White
  • Content : Sold individually without Candle
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