4 Candle Jars Feeling Blue Marie Serax4 Candle Jars Feeling Blue Marie Serax
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4 Candle Jars Feeling Blue Marie Serax


The 4 Feeling Blue Candle Jars by Marie for Serax are Magic when flame shines through the patterns ...

It's Love at first sight for these swarms of highly Decorative and Charming Lights.


These Candle Jars ? Such Decorative objects ! For a table Decoration, on furniture, on a window still... It's up to you !


Serax ? We Love !

For us, Designer Marie is guided by her senses, inspired by daily for so Charming Creations ! Simply Irresistible !

18,50 € incl. tax

  • Material : Glass coated with a mat invisible varnished paper
  • Dimensions : H 7 cm x Ø 6 cm
  • Designer : : Marie Michielssen
  • Colour : Blue and White
  • Content : Assortiment de 4 veilleuses de motifs différents
  • Other : Eclaire avec une bougie chauffe plat
  • Direction for use : Do not clean outside the candle jar which is covered with a mat and invisible varnished paper. Clean carefully inside only