R & B Saltcellars EnoR & B Saltcellars Eno
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  • Salerons R & B : Salière et Poivrière en Pierre
  • Salerons R & B : Salière et Poivrière en Pierre

R & B Saltcellars Eno

Eno studio

The saltcellars R & B are a real decoration: The Salt is in White Mat and Veined Alabaster and the Pepper is in Soapstone which was painted in a beautiful glossy black.

We like the very simple design, which reveals the remarkable work of alabaster and lacquer ...
An amazing contrast drawing the eye on these two beautiful stones that we want to touch !

What dictates his choices ? Certainly not trends !
ENO is looking for a timeless style for useful objects revisite with poetry and smartness behind whichone senses the hand of the creator.

19,00 € incl. tax

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  • Motif : Alabaster is a stone veined, each piece is naturally different and unique.
  • Material : White Alabaster and black lacquered soapstone
  • Dimensions : H 7,5 cm x Ø 3 cm
  • Designer : : Normal Studio
  • Colour : Bright Black and Matt White
  • Content : Set consists of a salt and pepper shakers
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