Newspapers Basket Canvas Marie SeraxNewspapers Basket Canvas Marie Serax
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Newspapers Basket Canvas Marie Serax



Newspaper Bag Canvas Marie for Serax is made of Cotton but not a soft one : It's processedfor the holding and when you touch it, you feel its roughness.

We love the purity and simplicity of its Beautiful White

You can use Bag for your newspapers or what you want ...


Serax ? We Love !

Designer Marie is guided by her senses, inspired by daily and she creates for Serax Canvas Bags with a simple Canvas Cotton and that's Irresistible !

34,00 € incl. tax

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  • Direction for use : Clean with a damp cloth. No washing Machine
  • Material : Cotton treated with a colorness varnish to give cotton just enough stiffness to ensure good support
  • Dimensions : L 50 cm x Larg 24 x H 30 cm
  • Designer : : Marie Michielssen
  • Colour : White
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