Sticky Notes Atelier LZCSticky Notes Atelier LZC
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Sticky Notes Atelier LZC

Mark's Inc

Atelier LZC slept his charming and so recognizable Graphic on a small Sticky Notes Pad for Mark's.


Small sticky notes you post it everywhere and it's very convenient!

No need to say that the Fan Stationery can not resist !

Mark's ? It's the largest brand of fancy Japanese stationery.


Mark's spirit : Always looking for new features and use the best materials for exclusive design creations : We're a Fan !

3,00 € incl. tax

  • Material : Paper
  • Dimensions : H 10 cm x L 8 cm X E 0,5mm
  • Designer : : Mark's Inc
  • Colour : All-colored
  • Content : Pad with 40 sticky notes
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