Little Invisible Shelf Conceal UmbraLittle Invisible Shelf Conceal Umbra
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Little Invisible Shelf Conceal Umbra


The Little Invisible Shelf Conceal by Umbra is remarkable : It's invisible but very remarkable because we really feels that the books are on their own !


The trick is in the first book who covers the stand.


You' ll enjoy creating a small library with several shelves : Great effect for a beautiful design...


Umbra ? It's an American duo : Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum. One day, Paul decided to makehimself a shade not found ...
Then he begins to make it  for others, his friend joins him and that's the way that Umbra starts ...


Today it's a great team of designers who creates ever more innovative daily objects.

10,00 € incl. tax

  • Direction for use : Can support up to 6,8kg
  • Material : Stainless stell
  • Dimensions : L 13 cm x H 14 cm x Prof 13 cm
  • Designer : : Miron Lior
  • Colour : Silver Color
  • Content : Comes with bindings
  • Other : Welcomes books of 25 cm maximum width
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