Table Cloth Fouta XXL Bleu MadoneTable Cloth Fouta XXL Bleu Madone
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  • Table Cloth Fouta XXL Bleu Madone
  • Fouta XXL Table Cloth Blue

Table Cloth Fouta XXL Bleu Madone

By Johanne


Fouta XXL Bleu Madone with White Stripes


Initially, Fouta is a Hammam towel, that's the normal size one.


What about Fouta ? For us, we use it every time ! Because it's made in a Beautiful and soft cotton and it also dries very quickly.


That's why we love Fouta XXL as well as Table cloth for a large Table and sofa plaid.

Fouta is top quality cotton, woven handmade by men and women are the ones who are responsible for finishing the fringes.

42,00 € incl. tax

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  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Dimensions : L 2,80 m x larg 2 m
  • Colour : Blue
  • Content : Sold individually
  • Other : Top quality Cotton for an hand-made production
  • Direction for use : Washing machine à 40°
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