2 Masking Tape Red White2 Masking Tape Red White
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  • Masking Tape Deco Red White Mark's
  • Masking Tape Deco
  • Masking Tape Deco

2 Masking Tape Red White

Mark's Inc


Masking Tape by Mark's consists of a roll of adhesive tape made in recycled rice paper.


An adhesive tape flexible, easy to tear by hand and at the same time resistant. In addition, it is repositionable and we can write on it.


We love these 2 Masking Tape Deco Red and White for a lot of creativity !

Masking Tape is used to paste Drawings and Photos. And also to decorate a door, a furniture, a mirror, a box...


Masking tape gives lots of Decoration ideas and it's really easy to use !

5,25 € incl. tax

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  • Motif : Geometrics
  • Material : Recycled rice paper
  • Dimensions : Larg 15 mm x Long 10 M
  • Designer : : Mark's Inc
  • Colour : Red and White
  • Content : Set of 2 tapes with different patterns
  • Direction for use : Tape is durable and tears by hand. Repositionable, leaves no trace.
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