Roll of Napkings Mydrap ChocolateRoll of Napkings Mydrap Chocolate
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Roll of Napkings Mydrap Chocolate


Mydrap is a Roll of Cotton Napkings, a Napking between the paper and the fabric.

It's the best when you love to receive and often change the decoration of your Table without missing Stylishness...

A nice Idea of little Gift for Trendy Friends!

Virages publishes creations of artists such as Eames, legendary collections like Pantone...


But Virages it's also full of unusual objects sometimes offset...

Virages really loves to surprise us ...

16,00 € incl. tax

  • Other : Made in Spain
  • Content : Roll of 25 precut Napkins
  • Colour : Chocolate
  • Designer : : Mydrap
  • Dimensions : 20 cm x 20 cm
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Direction for use : The napkins are precut, just pull over to use it. Washable up to 8 times in machine