Napkings Stripes Red and PinkNapkings Stripes Red and Pink
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  • Serviettes "Bandes"
  • Serviettes "Bandes"

Napkings Stripes Red and Pink


The Paper Napkins by Remember are happy with a modern graphics and cheerful colors.


Sometimes, we like to mix them for a nice Table Decoration.


It's really easy and cool to have such nice and original napkings !

Remember ? A team of German designers who imagine Colorful Creations with a very graphical Design :


Table Creations, Games, Lights...


Always full of Joy and simply to be Happy !

2,95 € incl. tax

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  • Motif : Stripes
  • Dimensions : 33 x 33 cm
  • Colour : Red and Pink
  • Content : 20 Napkins per pack
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