Placemats Paper Pad Blue VichyPlacemats Paper Pad Blue Vichy
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Placemats Paper Pad Blue Vichy

Pa Design


Paper Placemats by Trendform : Really useful for a Trendy Table ...


Why Paper Placemats ? Well, simply to change very often our Table Decoration...


Because Collection is so Nice, Graphical and Coloured... 


Paper Placemats ? An Original Gift Idea too !

Trendform idea : To Simplify and Colour Life and we adore ! They enjoy inventing innovative and functional objects. And of course they don't go unnoticed by choice of their materials ...

16,75 € incl. tax

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  • Motif : Vichy
  • Dimensions : L 42 cm x larg 29,7 cm
  • Designer : : Trendform
  • Colour : White and Blue
  • Content : 48 Placemats Pad
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