Buttering Board Black Zig Zag Ferm LivingButtering Board Black Zig Zag Ferm Living
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Buttering Board Black Zig Zag Ferm Living

Ferm Living

Small Buttering Boards by Ferm Living ?


They're Simply Irresistible : with beautiful black and white geometric patterns to mix according to the desires


We love to use them for breakfast or snack... And you can use it as coasters for hot pots and pans


 Ferm Living ? We Love !


It's the Danish designer Trine Andersen. Hard to resist to her Colorful Graphical and Original creations !

17,00 € incl. tax

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  • Direction for use : Suitable for hot item - Dishwasher
  • Material : Laminated birch veneer
  • Dimensions : H 20 cm x W 15 cm
  • Designer : : Trine Andersen
  • Colour : Black and White - Grey Back
  • Other : Reversible
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