2 Bougies Classic Stone 52 Amabiente2 Bougies Classic Stone 52 Amabiente
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2 Bougies Classic Stone 52 Amabiente


It's Love at first sight for Classic Candles Amabiente !

Because these are candles with an Original Square Design, Beautiful Translucent Colors and also very Graceful.

And of course, the Deco comes Alive in the glow of Candles ...


We feel Good. We Relax. We spend a good time ... the Mood is there !

Amabiente? It is Switzerland. Their candles decoration is the successful marriage of beautiful design and the finest natural materials ...

9,90 € incl. tax

  • Direction for use : High quality candle. Dyed in the mass. Burns slowly without dripping. Burn Time 12 to 14h. No smoke, no odor.
  • Material : 100% Vegetable wax Srearine
  • Dimensions : H 40 cm - Square section 1,8 x 1,8 cm
  • Designer : : Amabiente
  • Colour : Grey Stone
  • Content : Sold by 2 - Candleholder sold separately
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