Large Tangerine Salad Bowl GLOBO EkoboLarge Tangerine Salad Bowl GLOBO Ekobo
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Large Tangerine Salad Bowl GLOBO Ekobo



GLOBO ? It's the Beautiful Large Salad Bowl designed by Ekobo 100% Bamboo...


100% made  by hand with a hand-craft knowledge of high Quality, we love the nice design and the Tangerine color

And for Small salads there's Small Salad Bowl GLOBO !


There are also the Salad Cutleries Gemo


Ekobo ? We Love !

It's a French idea : To create Design Ethical and Ecological products with the Bamboo : The renewable and sustainable plant by no mean.

62,00 € incl. tax

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  • Direction for use : No dishwasher. Microwave prohibited. Hand wash and dry thoroughly after
  • Material : Inside : Natural Bamboo. Outside : 2 coats of paint (butyl acetate, the only compatible with traditional lacquer technique blackcoating) and a layer of varnish Food Standards EU, United States, and Japanese.
  • Dimensions : H 20 cm x Ø 25 cm
  • Colour : Tangerine
  • Content : Sold without cutlery GEMO
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