Sponge NakedSponge Naked
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Sponge Naked


Naked, it means this towel is 100% natural : No dyes, no chemical additives and without scraper, this model is the very simple sponge of Twist collection by Virages.


We love it's Classy White the Naked sponge !

We choose the Naked sponge with the Loofah one.

Virages publishes creations of artists such as Eames, legendary collections like Pantone, but also full of objects sometimes unusual.


Virages loves to surprise us ...

3,90 € incl. tax

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  • Direction for use : Dishwasher washable.
  • Material : 100% biodegradable without dyes or chemical additives. Naturally contains sanisol, natural component antibacteriological.
  • Dimensions : 15 cm x 7 cm x 2,5 cm
  • Colour : White
  • Content : Set de 2 éponges sans grattoir.
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