Vase the Sack GreenVase the Sack Green
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Vase the Sack Green

Pa Design

Vase the Sack is a slim bag converts into mud.


The bag is immersed in hot water to give it the shape you want, then passed under cold water to freeze the form : And now it's a trendy Deco Vase !


For storage, you pass it under hot water so it returns flat ... That's all !

Trendform ? Their idea : Simplify and Color our lives and we adore !


They enjoy inventing  innovative and functional objects.

And they don't stop getting remarkable by choice of their materials ...

12,00 € incl. tax

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  • Direction for use : Immerse the bag in hot water, it becomes soft, then work its shape, freeze it by putting it under cold water
  • Material : PVC thermoformable
  • Dimensions : H 28 cm Ø 12 cm
  • Designer : : HerbArt
  • Colour : Green Translucent
  • Content : Comes flat in a carboard sleeve
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